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Keeping up with the game

I don’t find getting my words out hard. Most of the time. Since I was young, I’ve had things to say and I’ve slowly learned over the years how to say them. The hardest part, to me, is forcing myself to sit down and get them out. I’ve come up with a myriad of excuses over the years: I’m too busy, I don’t want to get up that early or stay up that late, Everything is all cluttered in my head and if I tried to put it on paper it would look like a Jackson Pollock painting. If I spent as much time just sitting down as I do coming up with excuses not to sit down, I would have written a crap-ton of books by now. Not that I only write books. In fact, my writing career has been filled with amazing feature articles for trade magazines and on-line

Me dedicating myself to my craft on a Saturday morning.
Me dedicating myself to my craft on a Saturday morning.

columns. I guess I frustrate myself because I’ve been working on my book for way longer than I’d like to admit although I can’t actually call, “sitting around thinking about it” actually working.

Regardless, I’ve decided to rededicate myself to my gift and am working on my self discipline. Maybe I need to be back in boot camp although even there I seemed to be able to figure out the rules and then bend them just enough. In fact I had a Storekeeper Second Class tell me numerous times on the ship, “You’re bordering on insubordination.” Well as long as I stay on the right side of the line I’m still okay. I’ve been a very frustrating person my entire life (sorry Mom).

Thank you for being part of my journey. I’m going to try a variety of things to further my writing including picture and word prompts. Maybe I’ll go all Faulkner stream of consciousness. That could be fun especially if I do it after a period of sleep deprivation. By the way, I purchased Scrivener. I was using the 30 day trial period (for several years) and I liked it. I need to know more about the features so I can fully utilize it. I believe it will be much easier than cutting my interviews into sections and arranging them on the living room floor. Besides, my gaggle of teen boys would probably come and inadvertently rearrange them for me right after I have them perfect. I’m excited to put this tool in my tool box. Happy writing.