Quick Update

I’ve healed from the lumpectomy fantastically. Now on to next steps. There are so many options in the current world of breast cancer and I am delirious that it’s 2017 and I get to design the path that’s right for me. I did a full intake with Dr. Kelly (naturopath) and she designed a protocol that will maximize my body’s natural ability to fight off disease and minimize effects of the conventional medicine that makes sense for me. I take a number of supplements each day, including curcumin, seaweed, mushrooms, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Fish Oil, probiotics, flax seed and melatonin. I’m practicing meditation, yoga and saying no. Of particular importance for me is I’m learning to stop covering my vulnerability and uncertainty with distraction. But the tasks I use for distraction make me successful, I argue. They also keep you from being in touch with yourself and truly finding your piece. I’ve lived my entire adult life in stressful jobs. Hypervigilance, adrenaline dumps and imbalanced cortisol has been my normal. It’s quite possible it’s contributed to my getting cancer at 41. Now I’m being asked to recognize that this physical/mental/emotional state is not normal. It is not my body at balance. I’m having to slough off these layers of self-protection and it’s super uncomfortable. I’ll speak more to this personal journey later.

Radiation. That’s the next step. If I would have chosen a mastectomy, radiation might not have been necessary. But, I chose breast conservation surgery (lumpectomy) and that goes hand in hand with radiation. This will sterilize the entire breast area and the sentinel lymph nodes. Basically, if there are any micro-cancers hanging out in there, they will be eliminated as well as their pathway into my system. Is this risk free, obviously not. It’s radiation after all. It’s like a high-powered x-ray directed meticulously at one area mindful of decreasing exposure to other areas. Thankfully, my cancer is in my right breast which eliminates exposure to my heart. It does not, however, eliminate exposure to my right lung. I’ll talk more about the radiation later as well. This was supposed to be a quick update lol.

I met with the radiation doctor at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. She was magnificent. A competent, intelligent, compassionate, knowledgeable, beautiful woman around my age. She knew things, answered all my questions down to the most hypothetical and was willing to give professional and personal advice. I start 10/23. I have EMS World in Vegas to go to 10/15-10/21. I DID not want to miss this. All my EMT CEUs, a focus on community paramedic programs and an entire tract on event medicine!!! I’m going to be there. So, on my oldest son’s 22nd birthday I begin a 30 minute a day, 5 day a week, 6 week course to cement myself as the eminent Willamette Valley Radioactive Unicorn. Until then, I’m continuing to conquer the world (but not just to distract myself).

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